Pushcart & Best of the Net Nominees

Congratulations to this year’s Pushcart & Best of the Net nominees!

Jeanne-Marie Osterman, Jacki Rigoni, Lara Stapleton (Paloma Press)

Cole Eubanks, Eugene Gloria, Veronica Kornberg, Jenna Le, Esteban Rodriguez, James J. Siegel (MiGoZine, Pushcart)

Tamiko Beyer, Karla Brundage, Clara Hsu, Hilary King, Mia Ayumi Malhotra, Timothy Liu (MiGoZine, Best of the Net)

The Writers Room Spotlights Osterman

Writers Room Executive Director Donna Brodie recently interviewed
Jeanne-Marie Osterman. What inspired Shellback? And what’s a “shellback”? Continue reading.

“My three themes—the love between parent and child, the tragedies of war, and caring for a parent in old age—are themes I think a lot of people can relate to. To help the manuscript hold together, I made them my focus.”

Interview with Jeanne-Marie Osterman

Jeanne-Marie Osterman talks to Christopher Moreton about her new book, Shellback, in this issue of behind the vision.

“Working in advertising, I learnt not to be afraid of a blank page. There was lots of pressure to come up with new ideas in short periods of time. I learnt to just put down a word and see where that word would take me. Not to wait for some perfect solution until I put any words on the page.”

Jeanne-Marie Osterman

More accolades for Osterman’s Shellback!

SHELLBACK a Staff Pick at the New York Public Library
A bookstore in NYC proudly displays SHELLBACK!

After earning the coveted Kirkus star, Jeanne-Marie Osterman’s SHELLBACK is a Staff Pick at the New York Public Library! Congratulations, Jeanne-Marie!

Fresh from the success of SHELLBACK, Osterman won the 2021 Slipstream Press Chapbook Competition and her most recent work appears in New Ohio Review.

Kirkus Magazine August 15 issue

Scenes from the NYC Poetry Festival!

“The purpose of the New York City Poetry Festival has been to liberate poets and their work from the dark corners of bars, bookstore, and coffee shops and their halogen-lit college campuses, and to bring together as many NYC poets as possible, in the bright light of day, to meet, mingle, and collaborate.”

Here’s Jeanne-Marie Osterman, with copies of her poetry collection, Shellback, and Christopher X. Shade’s Shield the Joyous, at the 10th Annual Celebration on Governors Island!