SHELLBACK, a Kirkus top indie press book!

Courageous, insightful, and unsettling poems about war and family ties. KIRKUS Kirkus reviews SHELLBACK by Jeanne-Marie Osterman, one of this year’s top indie press books! Read the full review here.

Forthcoming: The Ruin of Everything

Paloma Press is delighted to announce the forthcoming fall release of The Ruin of Everything, a short story collection by acclaimed Filipino American author Lara Stapleton! Ruin is now available for pre-order from, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Book description: The Ruin of Everything tells tales of abandoned children living in adult bodies. Bastards,Continue reading “Forthcoming: The Ruin of Everything”

Seven Skirts

Paloma Press is pleased to announce the release of Seven Skirts, a debut poetry collection by Jacki Rigoni. ISBN: 9781734496512Library of Congress Control Number: 2020932229Official release date: April 28, 2021Pages: 72Price: $16.00Available now on, Barnes and Noble, and select bookstores. Following a journey of coming apart and stitching together a new life after domesticContinue reading “Seven Skirts”

Luisa A. Igloria reviews MARCELINA

“[Marcelina] is a 31-page sequence weaving [Jean] Vengua’s own visits to Stockton and the Jersey Island delta, with rumors of the crime, ghost stories circulating in the community, and fragments of news reports from 1933 that also capture the economic and social tensions seething under the surface… What strikes me most in this reading ofContinue reading “Luisa A. Igloria reviews MARCELINA”


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