The Academy of American Poets’ Reading List includes SHELLBACK

From the Academy of American Poets, “This year, to help celebrate the 25th annual occasion of National Poetry Month, we encourage you to check out these new poetry titles from our National Poetry Month partners, sponsors, and advertisers. Poems continue to offer us a sense of connection, and buying poetry books is one of theContinue reading “The Academy of American Poets’ Reading List includes SHELLBACK”

Taylor Swift ❤️️ Diaspora: Volume L!

Ivy Alvarez has been Swifted! Thank you, @taylorswift_as_books for putting the spotlight on #Diaspora ❤️ taylorswift_as_books is managed by writer Amy Long, and features Taylor Swift twinning with books! Diaspora: Volume L is part of a multivolume work of 19 letters, based on the #Filipino alphabet, from A to Y. Innovative in scope and approach, Ivy Alvarez relies on a deepContinue reading “Taylor Swift ❤️️ Diaspora: Volume L!”

Yes Means Yes!

Support Elaine Tai’s kickstarter picture book about consent! In thinking about how we teach or learn about ways we grant access to our own bodies and others’, I wrote Yes Means Yes – a picture book teaching kids to voice consent, or a lack of.


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