Personalized and Crafted With Love

An imprint of Paloma Press, LITTLE DOVE is devoted to publishing personalized children’s books.

We create uniquely crafted books for birthdays and other special occasions.

As we don’t use templates, we guarantee that each book will be unique and especially crafted for you.


A Toddler’s First Book of Rhythm and Rhyme. Published by LITTLE DOVE and personalized for Alistair Hill.

Why Poetry?

At six months, the child can learn the sounds that make up English words and, if also exposed to Quechua and Tagalog, he or she can pick up the unique acoustic properties of those languages, too. 

Poetry… because we’re never too young to rhyme 😀

“E IS FOR ELEANOR”There’s a newborn in the house! “E is for Eleanor” is a lovingly crafted, affirming baby book in verse, personalized just for her.

“ILL-ASSORTED TALES”Ill-Assorted Tales by Wesley St. Jo is a re-telling, in verse, of the Grimms’ Children’s and Household Tales. Like most fairy tales, this picture-poetry book features damsels and alludes to dragons, but ultimately favors a less disneyesque happy-ever-after.