Manhattan Revisited

Neil Leadbeater engages Manhattan: An Archaeology by Eileen R. Tabios (Paloma Press, 2017)


The section headed “Winter On Wall Street: A Novella –in- Verse”, Tabios (a former economist, stock market analyst and banker on Wall Street) is in familiar territory. Chapter Nine, entitled “The Firm” is a witty exposé of life in The City. Here, the bull market is to the fore – one always likes to speak of rising prosperity rather than diminishing returns:

Bellowing like a bull in heat
was encouraged

Everything is to do with image:

Never get a cheap haircut

A bad apartment at a good address
is greater than
a fabulous apartment at a bad address

and fear of failure is endemic:

If one of your colleagues is fired
never speak to him again:
failure is transmittable.