Women Stand for Marawi

Paloma Press is donating proceeds from our MARAWI chapbook fundraiser to LAOANEN/Gantala Press’ Information & Fundraising Drive.

“The event is a compassionate look and a deeper dive into what is happening and how we can help. LAOANEN also aims to raise funds that will help address the needs of evacuees:

1) nutritious food for breastfeeding mothers

2) clean, equipped kitchens

3) safe spaces for women, children, and infants

You can help for just $5.

Update from UNFPA:

Some 385,000 people have been displaced, according to 28 June information from the government’s disaster response centre.

The crisis has increased risks for women and girls. Those living in crowded evacuation centres, for instance, often lack privacy and protection from gender-based violence.

Approximately 11,500 of the affected women are estimated to be pregnant, and over 7,000 gave birth in the last six months. These women require prenatal and post-partum health care, as well as help maintaining proper hygiene and nutrition.